Finished Vehicles

Rail Transport

From a strategic standpoint in OEMs Supplychain, APL Logistics VASCOR Automotive have accelerated the automobile sector's adoption of rail for finished vehicle distribution within India. For OEMs operating in India, APL Logistics VASCOR Automotive has introduced AutoLinxSM, our unique and innovative rail-based solution that ensures reliable, damage-free and cost-efficient distribution of finished vehicles across the country. We can customize the logistics solutions for you because we have our owned asset i.e. Specially designed Rails & Core partner carrier network(Road Transporters) as an extension to our owned asset which enables us to deliver the capacity you need at right place, at the right time & for the right price.

AutoLinxSM offers a complete door-to-door service, which includes:

  • Collection of finished vehicles from OEM plants
  • Vehicle loading and unloading at terminals
  • Long distance rail haulage of vehicles on a specifically built wagons
  • Delivery to final destination
  • Tracking and tracing of shipments
  • Reporting of KPI, damage rates, repair services
Vehicle Distribution Centres

In addition to our core rail transportation network for finished vehicle distribution, APL Logistics VASCOR Automotive operates a network of vehicle distribution centres and yards.Sites are strategically located adjacent to the rail terminals. These centres provide various value-added services, including:

  • Storage of vehicles
  • Dispatch of vehicles to Dealers after invoicing
  • Installation of accessories
  • Repairs
  • Claims management - assessment, processing and resolution of damage claims

In the post GST era, rail side vehicle distribution centres will enable stocking of cars near customer sale points with minimal secondary transportation and handling. Technology and know-how from our JV Co, Vascor Ltd has already been transferred to the India JV. The systems used enable efficient handling and parking of cars. We have already implemented the systems at the rail side staging yards at our North and South terminals and are in a state of readiness to set up vehicle distribution centres.

The first such Regional Stockyard began operations in Chennai. Cars are transported by rail to the yard as a stock transfer and invoiced to Dealers upon demand thereby reducing delivery time.